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Symbol Stamps for TRUArt Stage 1 15-30W Pyrography Pen


These wood burning symbol stamps are specially designed for the TRUArt Stage 1 15-30W Pyrography Pen sets. Perfect for bordering wood burned projects or placing little symbolic marks as signatures. Try combining burn marks to create interesting patterns.

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Product Description

Symbol Stamps Features:

  • Stamps fit TRUArt Stage 1 Woodburner Pens
  • 16 Finely crafted brass tips
  • 10 numerals from “0” to “9”
  • 6 characters included
  • Attached to pen with coupling
  • Thread size is M4x0.7 (Metric 4mm diameter with a 0.7mm thread pitch)
  • Handling and maintenance are the same as regular brass tips – instructions of which can be found in your downloadable User Manual

Best Metal for Heat Transfer 

Brass is known for its superior heat conduction qualities which is what you get from this set. What is of lesser-known importance is that it also retains heat very well. This allows for sustained heat flow and uninterrupted burning.

Excellent Performance with TRUArt Stage 1 Pyrography Pens 

These tips work their best with TRUArt Pyrography pensJust remember to let the heat do the work and not the pressure.


Your imagination is the ONLY limit to what you can achieve with this set! One look at a tip and your mind starts working on what you can do with it.

Easy Maintenance

Cleaning is easy with fine-grit sandpaper if the tip is cold and a simple soft cloth when the tip is hot. The soft scouring pad of your kitchen wash sponge can also take the place of sandpaper.

    • Use graphite powder to help prevent the tip from sticking in the tool
    • Always remove the tips from the tool before storing to prevent the point from “freezing” inside the tool

Exemplary Support

As with all TRUArt products, we stake our name and guarantee on this set. If there are any issues with it, simply reach out to us at and we’ll take care of the rest.


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