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Pyrography Tips and Their Uses(TRUArt Stage 2 Kit)

wood burn on log cross-cut showing different tips' burn marks

Here is a short guide on the basic tips found in the TRUArt Stage 2 Pyrography Kit.

Universal tip/rounded

  • This is the standard tip for writing, wide line shading, and texture work.
  • Good for both outlining and shading
  • This a great tip to get started with as it is the most versatile

Pointed tip

  • This tip is good for fine, detailing lines. You can get extremely fine details with this tip
  • This tip is also good for fine lettering

Flat tip

  • The flat shader creates a wider path in smooth tones. Good for shading areas quickly
  • This tip is great for creating different patterns quickly as well

Curve tip/horseshoe tip

  • You can use the pointy side for lines and the curved side for dark, solid burns.
  • Good for shading
  • Can also be used as a stamp to create scale markings


  • Good for stippling, dot work, writing


Below is a chart of these tips with examples of dots, lines, shadings, and some lettering and/or patterns done with pyrography tips.


I hope this has been helpful to you but If you have any questions or suggestions, please let me know through the comments below or send us an email at


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