TRUArt Pyrography Pen Holder (Dual) for Stage 2 Pyrography Pens


The TRUArt Pyrography Pen Holder features everything a professional-grade pen holder should possess – a sturdy, compact, and safe platform that securely holds your hot pen and keeps it away from everything. The steel coil within dissipates heat effectively and safely should a hot tip touch it when resting the pen. The outer casing ensures proper ventilation for fast heat dispersion while, at the same time, prevents anyone or anything from touching the coil.

There’s no more need to worry about accidental burns. Simply set the angle of the holder to where it’s comfortable for you, insert your pen (hot or cold), and you’re set!

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The TRUArt pyrography pen holder with a high-end and practical design

  • Modern aesthetics, sturdy base, and takes up very minimal space on your work table
  • Strong suction cups for latching on securely to tabletop

Variable angles (y-axis)

  • Easily swivel the holders independently from each other to your comfortable angle for quick pen inserts and pull-outs

Hardened steel coil

  • Keeps your pens’ tips completely safe from accidentally touching anything while hot
  • Holds your pens snug preventing them from accidentally sliding out

Includes 2 basins/dishes

  • 1 wire tip holder
  • 1 Damp sponge holder

Perfect for TRUArt Stage 2 Pyrography Pens


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