TRUArt Ball and Stylus Wire Tips Set for Stippling, Detailing, Embossing, Writing


TRUArt Ball and Stylus Wire Tips Set provides the best wood burning performance when used for stippling, embossing, tracing lines, writing, and shading. With varying sizes to conform to various needs, these tips are quite versatile in that they can apply to many styles of woodburning.

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This TRUArt Ball and Stylus Wire Tips Set is best suited for writing, stippling, emboss work, and shading.

  • HEAVY-DUTY TRUArt WIRE TIPS – For serious pyrography artists. Provides faster and sustained heat transfer that allows for more consistent burn control
  • 5 different sized steel ballpoint (stylus) tips (Ballpoint diameters: 3.0mm, 2.0mm, 1.8mm, 1.6mm, 1.5mm. Wire thickness is 1.0mm.)
  • MADE FROM HIGH QUALITY 1.0 mm (18 GA) NICHROME WIRE – Its high melting point ensures that the tips do not easily break under light pressure yet are supple enough for small adjustments to suit your own style and need. These tips DO NOT FIT other brands like Holife and Walnut Hollow
  • FAST and STEADY HEAT TRANSFER – When used especially with TRUArt’s 60 W Pyrography Pens, keep your project flowing smoothly without long pauses waiting for tips to heat up.
  • PERFECT FOR DETAILING – On wood, gourds, or leather, bring out the dynamics of your art. Do everything from precise lines, shapes, shades, and texture!
  • 90-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – Customers’ satisfaction is what we aim for as we guarantee and stand behind all of our products. Simply contact us.


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