20pcs Wire Nibs / Tips for Wood Burning Machine


This set of wire tips allows you to do practically everything in wood burning. As your skill develops, so do the various burn patterns develop and you’ll see that these tips leaves a lot of room for discovery. For instance, try to see which one can create scales with exact size and shape.

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  • Performs best when used with TRUArt 60W Detailer wood burning machine. These wire tips do not fit other brands like Holife and Walnut Hollow
  • Perfect set for shading and detailing with the most commonly used tips for bird carvers, aquatic life and plant life pyrography
  • Also includes 1 ball tip and 1 sharp spear tip 
  • Made from high quality 18 GA nichrome wire

These tips glow bright red when the pyrography pen is set at maximum voltage yet it still retains its tensile strength and will not bend or break (at normal wood burning usage).



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