(STAGE 1) Wood and Leather Pyrography Pen – Comes with 21 Different Tips – Dual Power Mode – 30W and 15W

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This wood-burning set is very popular among budding and accomplished artists of any age. It is very easy to set up and operate and it also comes with a manual complete with important information as to usage and care as well as a few other surprises that will maximize your pen’s potential. Scroll down for further details of this toolset and you can also contact us should you have any questions.

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Best Value Wood Burning Pen

Easily tackle any wood or leather DIY project with our best-value pyrography pen tool kit. This kit is perfect for those who want to start in the art of pyrography. It is also favored by many professional artists who prefer to use solid-point burners.

Incomparable After-Sales Support

We fully understand the processes involved in woodburning including, among others, the effect high heat has on brass. As brass softens because of the heat, excessive pressure causes it to bend and eventually break. As we seek customer’s satisfaction and happiness, we will replace the pen and broken tip at no extra charge. Simply contact us and include a picture of the broken tip for immediate replacement. This is the TRUArt’s definition of 100% Risk-Free Satisfaction Guarantee


Dual Power Mode, Best-in-class Pyrography Pen

TRUArt’s Superior-quality wood burning kit features a stainless steel barrel integrated with a heat and impact resistant rubber handle to ensure comfort and safety. Unlike many irons or woodburning pens available in the market, this 30W Pyrography Pen heats quickly and retains the heat more consistently. The lightweight pen is easy to handle and is perfect for precise results. For leather burning, simply switch it to the 15W power setting


Wide Range of Patterns

TRUArt Pyrography Pen Kit comes with 21 different Interchangeable Tips (for e.g., solder point tip, razor blade tip, calligraphy tip, groove tip, dot tip, pattern transfer tip, stripes tip, branding tip, knife tip, etc.) which allow you to make a wide range of pyrography patterns, have variations in the thickness of strokes and even make easy cuts using the razor blade tip. The kit also has a soldering tip for quick soldering jobs


Complete Users e-Guide

This User’s e-Guide, offered as a download, explains the parts of the pen, uses of the various nibs or tips, and safety precautions. It provides easy instructions on how beginners can create professional projects in no time! Unlike other kits that use plastic stencils, this kit comes with a superior quality metallic pyrography alphabet stencil to give your work more impact and professionalism. It also comes with a sturdy metal stand to rest the pen safely when not in use



*For more detailed information about the TRUArt pyrography pen, check out our video about it.

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 3 in

14 reviews for (STAGE 1) Wood and Leather Pyrography Pen – Comes with 21 Different Tips – Dual Power Mode – 30W and 15W


    I am a beginner to Pyrography, but I love this product. It made it very easy to get into the hobby/art. It came with lots of stencils and tips, which makes it more fun to do. The wood burning pen is so easy to use as well. And its all at an affordable price. I LOVE IT! I’m so glad I found this company and product. I’ve been telling anyone and everyone about it.

  2. Kerry Young

    This is my first time trying pyrography. This pen was SUPER easy to use. The kit came with everything I needed to get started and is a great addition to my craft repertoire! The only negative part is waiting for the tip to cool so it can be changed out. LOL

  3. maree pascall

    Wonderful beginner pyrography kit! Instructions are clear and care is simple. I love using this product, first gift has already been made 😀

  4. Christine M.

    Amazing tool for beginners! I love the wattage selection ability on the pen. I have noticed, however, that when it’s being used for a while (~30 minutes or so), the pen tips become loose and need to be tightened, otherwise no other concerns!! Highly recommend!

  5. Mark C. (verified owner)

    A really terrific step up from my last pen. Heats up quickly and the 30 watt mode is powerful enough for denser woods. Variety of tips are great and the case is a plus.

  6. Megan Pitkin

    My little brother died unexpectedly and his remains are in a cedar box. I wanted to learn how to use a pyrography pen to decorate it but I was nervous that I wouldn’t be good enough at it to be happy with my work. This pen has been awesome and I’m glad I got it.

    • Rene

      So sorry for your loss, Megan. We are glad that our pen has worked well to help you give your little brother something very special.

  7. Miguel Angel

    Excelent product i am very please with it . It works i will buy it again i have no experience hand crafting in this make it easier .

  8. Jett t

    This might be one of the best and cheapest pyrography kits I’ve used! I love it!
    Got this kit from amazon!

  9. Ben (verified owner)

    Perfect gift for my father, a very talented amateur woodworker.

  10. Timothy Tope

    Everything came in really well packaged. The stencils are good quality and there are surprisingly a good amount of tips that come with it for the price. I highly recommend it. I’m new to wood burning and everything but the book also came with very detailed directions to follow and a few stencils to try out.

  11. chris summers

    Great product, very fun activity to do with the young ones while personalizing gifts . Iron is sensitive to over tightening tips while hot. Please make sure you allow the iron to cool before exchanging tips. This is not a fault of the manufacturing process just something to be aware of as stated in the instruction. Great fun to have, would recommend to others.

  12. Candice Swee

    Great product. Burned a cutting board for a gift, lots of tips to choose from for a detailed project which was great. Would highly recommend a second pen for faster work!

  13. Larei

    Very clear instructions and user friendly for my sons. I will buy again as gifts for others!

  14. Justyn Maclellan

    I really like my TruArt pyrograhy pen. I own 2 of them so I can use 2 different nibs at the same time.

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