(Stage 2) TRUArt Professional Dual Pen Woodburning Detailer – 60W Tool with Digital Temperature Control and 52 Premium Detailing Tips

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Professional pyrography at its best! This 60W woodnurning tool answers all the needs of a professional pyrography artist and offers more for budding beginners as well. This comes with 52 premium standard and detailing tips to give you the best ever outlet for your imagination and artistry.  Still need more? Get your own set now and find out the amazing stuff inside the User’s Manual loaded with bonuses!

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The Professional Woodburning Detailer set preferred by many professional pyrography artists!

  • TRUArt Stage 2 CONSISTENT HEAT – Super powerful 60W Woodburning Detailer features near-instant heat response with precise digital voltage control. Precision voltage control allows you to make minute heat adjustments so you don’t have to put pressure on the tips
  • ERGONOMIC – Small and lightweight hand pieces makes it easy to do precise burn strokes and get into the smallest detail of your project. Furthermore, because of it’s design, hand strains and numbness are a thing of the past!
  • BURN TWICE THE SPEED – Two small and lightweight hand pieces to quickly switch between tips without waiting for the tool to cool down
  • QUICK AND EASY INSTALL TIPS – With near-instant heat response and fast cool down, exchanging tips is a breeze! Just be sure you don’t touch the tip while it’s hot. Note: These tips do not fit other brands like Holife and Walnut Hollow
  • CLOSEST DISTANCE TO SURFACE – The short distance between your hand and your work surface allows for intricate and precise strokes while not burning your hand
  • BONUS of 52 tips included with the kit! Shading, calligraphy, transfer, writing, patterned tips and more premium detailing tips! 
  • TIP CUSTOMIZATION OPTION –  You can create your very own wire tips to fit your needs by creating your own special ones with Nichrome wires (sold separately)
  • READILY AVAILABLE CUSTOMER SUPPORT – For any inquiries, simply contact us
  • DOWNLOADABLE MANUAL60W Professional Woodburning Detailer User’s Manual
  • USA 110V Plug, 1550F max temperature

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Weight 6.9 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 10 × 5 in


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