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Create Your Very Own Carbon Transfer Paper

One major problem all commercial carbon transfer paper have is that its not easy to get rid of the accidental lines and smears made during transfers. If all those lines are going to be covered by your pyrography pen, that’s all well and good. But what if they don’t get covered with your design?


The best way to get rid of them would be to sand off the affected area. Naturally, the darker the lines, the more sanding is needed. Furthermore, you can’t just sand that affected area if you want your whole work piece to be level. You would need to sand everything down.


We don’t understand why transfers made from commercial carbon transfer paper cannot be erased by a simple rubber eraser. However, we have found an alternative that works quite well and is completely erasable – not to mention reusable too. Think of the savings! You probably already have all the materials in your house right now too so this is going to be an easy few minutes of a little elbow grease.


Check out the short video clip below, see if it works for you or not and share your experience with all of us through the comments below.



All the best,
Pavel Karoukin
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TRUArt’s 60W Professional Woodburning Detailer is named Best Pyrography Kit


Pflugerville, TEXAS – May 26th, 2017 – An up and coming hobby oriented website ran by Nathan Dobson announces the TRUArt’s 60W Professional Woodburning Detailer as the best pyrography kit in the market. The article lists various pyrography pens and kits, but not before giving an in depth review of what’s to be expected with the purchase of the kit.

The article also lists a buying guide that recaps what to pay attention to before purchasing a new pyrography kit, and also has a comprehensive pen tip explanation, what wood is ideal to use, free handing versus transferring images, safety precautions, and proper maintenance.

Best Wood Carving Tools assembled some of the highest acclaimed pyrography pens and kits online for inspection. The inspection process includes personal examination, customer feedback assessment, and implementing customized tests for each kit.

For more information visit the TRUArt website or see the article on the Best Wood Carving Tools website.


Pavel Karoukin